Amaretto Suckers!
A Smooth and Velvety Treat!

 </> <span style="color:#FF6600">Amaretto Suckers</>
Smooth and rich, this sucker satisfies you right down to your toes! Made with premium amaretto and combined with other yummy ingredients to make a perfect addition to your festivities. or any old day you feel like something special. Makes a wonderful after dinner treat! (Imagine the surprise and delight of your dinner guests!)

No artificial colors, flavor or preservatives. To ensure freshness, please store flat in a cool, dry place. Extreme temperatures can cause melting and cracking ('cause they don't have any yucky stuff in them!) These are made with real, premium amaretto, but the alcohol gets cooked out while the candy is made. (Sorry to disappoint if you were hoping it would be there!)

Amaretto Suckers (4 pack)
Amaretto Suckers (6 pack)
Amaretto Suckers (6 pack) amaretto6pack
Amaretto Suckers (12 pack)
Amaretto Suckers (12 pack) amaretto12pack