Brown Sugar, Maple, Bacon (4 pack)

Brown Sugar, Maple, Bacon (4 pack)
Item# Brown Sugar, Maple, Bacon (4 Pack)

Product Description

Our friends thought we had lost our minds on this one—until they tried our brown sugar/maple bacon suckers. We rolled premium hardwood smoked bacon chunks around in "melt in your mouth" brown sugar and dropped it into the rich sweetness of the best VT maple syrup concoction you've ever tasted.. The result is that irresistible combination of salty/sweet, familiar/yet so new. Dubbed "breakfast on a stick", by one of our friends who dips it into coffee for breakfast. You'll be hooked once you try 'em!

No artificial colors, flavors or preservatives. To ensure freshness if you don't eat them right away, (no small feat) please store flat in a cool, dry place. Extreme temperatures can cause melting and cracking ('cause they don't have any yucky stuff in them!)