Dark and Stormy - rum and ginger beer (12 pack)

Dark and Stormy - rum and ginger beer (12 pack)
Item# Dark and Stormy (12 pack)

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Ahoy, sailors and landlubbers alike! Nothing hits the spot quite like a Dark 'n Stormy™ after a day sailing the high seas. Inspired by the classic Bermuda combination of dark rum and ginger beer that became the preferred drink in the yacht club circuit, our sucker packs a ginger punch that mellows down to a smooth, premium black seal rum undertone.

No artificial colors, flavor or preservatives. To ensure freshness if you don't eat them right away (no small feat), please store flat in a cool, dry place. Extreme temperatures can cause melting and cracking ('cause they don't have any yucky stuff in them!) These are made with real, premium Bermuda black seal rum. You won't become a drunken sailor if you eat them though, because the alcohol gets cooked out while the candy is made. (Sorry to disappoint if you were hoping!)