Cool Key Lime Mint

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Key Lime Mint

Say hello to warm weather, palm trees and sandy beaches. Our sucker is inspired by the delight of escaping cold winters to tropical paradise, while Jimmy Buffet tunes waft through the air. Distinctively mint with a hint of mellow key lime and white rum, our key lime mint sucker will transport you to a chair in the sunshine by the pool, or a lazy, warm day on the beach.

No artificial flavors or preservatives. A drop of blue is added to our snowflake mint suckers because it's just a little prettier. To ensure freshness if you don't eat them right away (no small feat), please store flat in a cool, dry place. Extreme temperatures can cause melting and cracking ('cause they don't have any yucky stuff in them!) These are made with real, premium rum. You won't fall off your poolside chair because the alcohol gets cooked out while the candy is made. (Sorry to disappoint if you were hoping!)

Key Lime Mint (4 Pack)
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Key Lime Mint (6 Pack)
Key Lime Mint (6 Pack) newitem189117025
Key Lime Mint (12 Pack)
Key Lime Mint (12 Pack) newitem189117180