About Us

About Suckerborne

We create uniquely delicious suckers that combine the innocence of childhood with not so innocent flavors. Suckerborne delicacies have a kick that you just won't find in wimpy, mass-produced "pops." Ours are handmade and wrapped in small batches to ensure you have the freshest, tastiest experience as you savor each and every sucker. 

Natural & Handmade

Our suckers are made with only premium quality, natural ingredients. We don’t use artificial flavors, preservatives, or anything yucky.

Go ahead…..get Suckerborne and tell yourself it’s OK to love candy again!

Please note: We use alcohol in the making of our suckers but the alcohol itself cooks out, leaving just the tasty flavor. 

Our Current Flavors

Lemon Vodka Martini

Maple Bacon


Rum & Ginger Beer


Vineyard Vodka



New & Seasonal Flavors (like our best selling Eggnog & Rum) will come and go too! Don't see a flavor you love that we make? Ask for a special batch!